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A family (mom and daughter) receiving an instant diagnosis with a selfie. Example of a strep throat home test.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring comfort and compassion to life's most vulnerable moments: when you're sick. With CurieDx virtual care tests you can screen yourself for illnesses like strep throat or urinary tract infections using just your smartphone, then sync with a telehealth clinician or simply rest and feel better.

About Us

CurieDx was developed at Johns Hopkins University by a pediatric emergency medicine physician and computer scientist who were tired of scrambling to see a doctor every time their kids were sick. Together, they applied AI plus medical imaging to create CurieDx, for patients of all ages to feel better, faster.

Our Partners

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We're seeking...

Clinical Partners

ERs, Urgent Care, Primary Care to help us validate the technology.

Telehealth Clinicians

Clinicians interested in pilot testing our products.

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